Meeting the Needs of Municipalities

Our firm specializes in all phases of municipal engineering, including land surveys. Since 1959, we’ve tailored our services to meet
the needs of municipalities throughout the area, and we look forward to serving you, no matter the size of your project.

Our Services

Site Development Planning & Design

Design and execute plans for residential and municipal properties. Our office is proficient in zoning change applications, subdivision approvals and site development approvals on a wide range of projects.

Stormwater Management Engineering

We have engineers who specialize in planning, modeling, NPDES permitting design and specs to control stormwater. We also have experience in the preparation of water and sewer permits including Act 537, NPDES, MS4, Water Quality Management, Public Water Supply, Water Obstruction and Encroachment, PHMC Cultural Notices, PNDI Environmental Review, General Permits, etc.

Water & Sanitary Sewer Engineering

Capabilities and experience for sewer system studies including Inflow and Infiltration studies, hydraulic modeling and design of water distribution and sewer collection systems, design of water booster pumping stations and sewer lift stations, preparation of plans and specifications for construction, review of developer water and sewer design plans.

Floodplain Studies

We have the ability to evaluate, pursue, and procure Stormwater and Flood Hazard Area permits from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Park & Recreational Planning

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Municipal Services

Provide municipalities with engineering, planning, zoning consultation, and numerous other services.

Engineering and Residential Surveying

We use state of the art GPS equipment in order to determine a property’s boundary. We also have employees responsible for developing the survey data into finished plans and documents.